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What are the auspicious days to hire Packers and Movers in Delhi NCR for moving?

There are two types of people in India, most of them are religiously inclined while others don’t take religion seriously. Most pundits here believe that there is a right time for everything and if you don’t follow these dates, you may suffer the loss of health and money. This means that there is a right time to purchase your property and move in. No matter how sensitive you are religious, you all want to be careful with Graha Pravesh. We are not all brahmins capable of finding out these dates. So, you have to hire one for suggestions and advice for the timing of hiring Packers and Movers in Delhi NCR. They mostly use the lunar calendar to find out these dates for you. Most of us will have a month or a date around which we want to move in. You can tell this to the brahmin and they will find out auspicious days for you.

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The do’s and don’ts of Graha Pravesh

Some of us have family brahmins who we consult regularly. If you don’t you can go to any big temples or look online for these. There are some days when you should never make a move for House Shifting in Delhi, according to religious calendars. If you are moving without your brahmin’s permission, you should at least avoid these days. Other reasons why you may need them:

  • You will be having a Graha Pravesh puja too, on the day you move in to pray for what you have received and for a better future. 
  • If you are constructing a property the brahmins will suggest the right day to start. Some of you may even ask them for suggestions about the architecture.

If you are planning a move and you want to find out the best day from a religious point of view, you may hire a brahmin to assist you with this.

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